Black and white wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography: Future Memories
Black and white wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography above desk
Black and white wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography in dining room
Black and white wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography
Black and white wall art by Cattie Coyle Photography: Future Memories
Future Memories
Future Memories
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Palm tree and white stone house on a warm summer afternoon in Portugal. Scroll down for more about the image (and the title). ↓

The image is printed on matte archival cotton rag fine art paper with a 0.5” - 2” white border (depending on image size) and has my signature on the border below the image. The sizes listed are the paper sizes including the border; for example, a 10x15-inch print has 0.5-inch borders, so the size of the actual image is 9x14 inches. The prints are available unframed or framed, and every order is professionally custom printed.

Framed prints come in a black, white, or natural wood frame with or without a white cotton rag mat. The frames are handmade in the US from top-quality hardwoods and all archival materials. They are custom made to order, with beautiful spline joints and 99% UV-filtering acrylic glass. Depending on print size, the frames have a 1/2" - 1" face and 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" depth. Smaller frames are fitted with D-rings and a wire for hanging; large frames (36x48 inches and up) have a French cleat hanging system.

Framed prints are currently only available in the US and Australia. All Australian orders are printed, framed, and shipped from my lab in Adelaide. The frames at my lab in Australia are also made locally by hand from top quality materials, but some of the details are a bit different from the US frames - please contact me for more information.

The sizes listed are print sizes; mats and frames will add to the final size. For example, the final outside size of a 20x30 inch matted and framed print is 27x37 inches. Please see the image with the picture frame sizes chart, or  the images or the FAQs for all final framed dimensions.

The image is professionally printed, carefully wrapped and boxed, and delivered to you within 10 business days of your order. Smaller prints are shipped in a plastic sleeve backed with cardboard inside a stiff envelope. Medium and large prints are rolled in a plastic sleeve and placed inside a sturdy tube. Framed prints are boxed and shipped via UPS or FedEx. Oversized framed prints are shipped via freight. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for canvas, metal, and acrylic glass prints, and 6-9 weeks for framed prints.

Prints are available in the contiguous US, Canada, Australia, EU and UK, and are produced by and shipped from my local partner lab in each country. Framed prints are currently only available in the contiguous US and Australia. If you are located in Hawaii or Alaska and would like to order a print, please contact me for a shipping quote.

➤ An acrylic glass print
➤ A metal art print

➤ Black and white art prints

➤ Portugal art prints
➤ Palm tree art prints

I have always loved palm trees with their timeless beauty and aura of both dreamy nostalgia and blissful vacations.

I photographed this image on a warm summer day in Portugal, and the title comes from DNRS, the “brain re-training” I did to get rid of my long list of food and environmental allergies + multiple chemical sensitivity (it worked!). Part of the training is to do a daily meditation of sorts where you create a future memory that makes you intensely happy. I did the training during the pandemic, and my future memory was often traveling “somewhere warm with palm trees”. I could feel the sun on my skin, the warm breeze in my hair, that carefree mood you have on vacation, and hear the rustling of the palm fronds above me. This image embodies all that for me. Total happiness.

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Omg the prints arrived and we framed them! They are even better in person!!!!!!! I think my blood pressure went down just by looking at them. I really love your work and would love to fill my home with your prints!!!

Encinitas, CA

It was a big purchase for me as I have never bought someone else's photograph before. I usually take my own. As a matter of fact, I just won the county art show with one of my photographs! So you are special to me because yours is the first photograph that I have hung on my wall that isn't mine. And I am thrilled with my purchase!

St. Petersburg, FL

Cattie was so helpful and kind and the print that I got was absolutely gorgeous! I ordered a 40x60 print with a frame and it all arrived perfectly! I couldn’t be happier with the experience!

Nashville, TN

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