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Abstract shape created by natural sediments in the sand at low tide (scroll down for the story behind the image).

The image is professionally custom printed on heavyweight matte museum-grade Hahnemühle cotton rag paper with archival pigment inks. The limited edition prints are hand signed and numbered and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.The prints have wide borders; the sizes listed are the paper sizes including the border. For example, a 16x20-inch print has 4-inch borders, so the size of the actual image is 8x12 inches.

Limited editions are as follows:
12x15 - Edition of 30
16x20 - Edition of 25
20x25 - Edition of 15

These prints are only available unframed. Images with framed prints are for framing and display inspiration only. Prices may increase as limited edition run closes.

The image is professionally custom printed, rolled in a plastic sleeve, placed inside a sturdy tube and shipped via FedEx within 10 business days of your order.

Limited Edition prints are currently only available in the contiguous US and Canada.

If you are located in Hawaii or Alaska and would like to order a print, please contact me for a shipping quote.

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I photographed the Sand Abstractions series on the north shore of Massachusetts over many months in 2016-2017. I had by chance discovered a beach with patterns I had never seen anywhere else - like pencil sketches with a beautiful, soft blue color - and I became kind of obsessed with documenting them. The ephemeral nature of them only added to their appeal, but trying to figure out when exactly they would appear turned out to be difficult.

These patterns are created by sediments and minerals in the sand. They are all different sizes, weights, and colors, and when the tide goes out, some of the lighter particles are washed away with the water, and some of the heavier (usually the darker shades) are left behind. In the case of these images, seaweed, rocks and shells lying right outside the shot added another filter mechanism too, and helped shape the patterns.

So the main factor in capturing these images was the timing of the tide, it had to be just right, and when it was, I went down to the beach early in the morning before any potential patterns were destroyed by people and dogs. Most of the time, I came home with nothing, but on days when I was lucky, I found a pattern I loved that was still intact. This is one of them.

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Omg the prints arrived and we framed them! They are even better in person!!!!!!! I think my blood pressure went down just by looking at them. I really love your work and would love to fill my home with your prints!!!

Encinitas, CA

It was a big purchase for me as I have never bought someone else's photograph before. I usually take my own. As a matter of fact, I just won the county art show with one of my photographs! So you are special to me because yours is the first photograph that I have hung on my wall that isn't mine. And I am thrilled with my purchase!

St. Petersburg, FL

Cattie was so helpful and kind and the print that I got was absolutely gorgeous! I ordered a 40x60 print with a frame and it all arrived perfectly! I couldn’t be happier with the experience!

Nashville, TN

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