New Work: Sand Abstractions

My latest print series is live! “Sand Abstractions” is a limited edition series that I photographed on the north shore of Massachusetts over many months in 2016-2017. I happened to come across these sketch-like patterns on a beach just by chance one morning, and spent the next year trying to photograph as many as possible. It was quite a treasure hunt, because I could never predict when they would appear. The tide played a big role, but also the random placement of seaweed, shells and rocks, plus the color of the sediments and minerals that happened to wash up on the beach on any given day. And if I didn’t get to the beach right at dawn, most were destroyed by people and dogs walking and running across them. But I kept at it, and in the end, had captured quite a large collection of images I loved. This first series consists of five of my favorites.

More of the story behind the images, edition runs and other info can be found on each page.


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