Acrylic Glass Art Prints


      Acrylic glass wall art is perfect when you want a frameless, modern, contemporary piece with rich colors and depth. My acrylic glass prints are made using the fine art, gallery-quality “face mount” method, where the print is placed behind the acrylic and backed with DiBond (a rigid plastic core surrounded by two thin sheets of aluminum). So when you look at the image, you look through the acrylic, and because of how light travels within it, you get an amazingly vibrant image with great depth, and colors that really pop. In the right light, they almost have a 3D look. Plus this method also gives you superior results in terms of color accuracy and permanence (meaning no color fading).

      Acrylic glass prints are also shatterproof, and resistant to UV light and temperature fluctuations, making them a great choice when you want to hang your art in a bathroom, pool house, spa, or other humid area.

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