New Work: Palm Trees

Palm Tree No 3 - Fine Art Photography by Cattie Coyle

Stately, sculptural, and timeless, symbolic of exotic faraway places, good times,  and holidays spent in the sun, palm trees are one of my favorite subjects. This is another nostalgia-tinged series, this time inspired by my Dad’s travels with the Swedish navy in the 1950s-60s (for more on that story, see this blog post). See all the new prints in the Palm Tree series here.

New Work: Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas is a two-print series captured at that blissful post-beach, pre-party time of day when you’re heading home from the beach, skin warm from the sun, salt in your hair, sand in your shoes, and a bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge… 

New Work: Beach Days Part II

Beach Days - New fine art print series by Cattie Coyle Photography

I just added five new images to the “Beach Days” series, and like the first three prints that I released in the fall, they are heavily influenced by my Grandfather’s photos from his and my Grandmother’s travels in Europe in the 1920s - 1940s.

I wrote a blog post about this series in the fall, so if you are curious about the story behind the images, have a read here!

To celebrate the launch, all prints in the entire Beach Days series (framed and unframed) ship free this weekend! Enter the code BEACHDAYS at checkout until midnight on Sunday, February 3.

I'm on Apartment Therapy!

Sail No 11 and Sail No 13 Black and White abstract art by Cattie Coyle Photography

So excited! Two of my sail prints were part of a house tour on apartment therapy, featuring the super cool home of Katie Mack! 🤩😃Check it out here: House tour on Apartment Therapy

New Surfing Photography

In these three new surfing prints, I wanted to capture the calmer side of the sport. Those beautiful, quiet moments when it’s just you and the humbling vastness of the ocean.  

Giveaway! One Lucky Winner Will Get a $125 Gift Certificate 

Sandpipers fine art photography print by Cattie Coyle

Instagram giveaway! The winner will get a $125 gift certificate that can be used on anything in my store. Head on over to my Instagram feed for the details! The giveaway ends on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

New Work: Morning Meditation & Reflections

Morning Meditation & Reflections by Cattie Coyle Photography

In these two new print series, I wanted to preserve those fleeting moments of stillness that exist at the beginning and end of the day. Silent mornings and peaceful evenings when the sky blends with the ocean, the entire world is quiet, and time seems to be standing still.

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