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Sailing Prints Now in Larger Sizes!

The sailing images have always been some of my most popular prints, and many have asked if they were available in larger sizes. I’m so excited to share that finally, they are!

I photographed these sails in 2006 with my first digital camera, and the images I took with that camera had their limitations. But technology has come a long way since then, and thanks to a new “magic” software, these prints can now go up to 40x60 inches.


Ocean Waves No. 2

Ocean Wave No 2 by Cattie Coyle Photography

Ocean Waves No. 2 is the featured image for May. I photographed this image on a gorgeous spring morning at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and everything about it makes me happy! :-) To me, it embodies the feeling of this month.

For the story behind this image, head to the blog. Or click here to shop the prints: Ocean Waves No. 2

Spotted in Toronto

 Beach art prints by Cattie Coyle Photography

Interior Photography by Arnal Photography

It’s always so exciting to see my prints in their new homes, and I love how Umbrella No. 1, Line on the Horizon No. 1, and Morning Meditation No. 1 look in this stunning dining room by Michelle Berwick Design. Michelle says "Every time I see this beachy blissful artwork, I feel relaxed". That makes me so happy!

On The Wall Framing, who represents my work in Canada, did the framing and arranged the art installation, and I think those wide mats are gorgeous. If you’re ever interested in wider mats than what I normally use, get in touch for a quote!


                     Umbrella No 1 - Beach photography fine art print by Cattie Coyle  Line on the Horizon No 1 by Cattie Coyle Photography  Morning Meditation by Cattie Coyle Photography

Sandscapes: The Story Behind the Images

Sandscape No 1 - Fine art print by Cattie Coyle Photography

I photographed these lines in the sand left behind by the tide back in 2016, but it’s been a long road to get to the final result. Read the whole story behind this series ➡ Sandscapes

New, Larger California Dreaming Prints!

California Dreaming No 1 - Large framed print by Cattie Coyle Photography

The California Dreaming prints now come in sizes up to 40x60 inches! They were some of the first prints I ever offered online and they have continued to be among my most popular. No. 1 almost made it into a Ralph Lauren commercial and No. 2 was selected by Marnie Oursler for one of her amazing beach homes. The original prints were square, and they are still available square as well, now up to 40x40 inches (100x100 cm). 


NEW: Gallery Wall Sets

Magoito - photo gallery wall by Cattie Coyle Photography

These pre-designed print sets are signed, unframed, and printed on fine art cotton rag paper. Save up to 25% compared to buying them "a la carte"! 


Ocean Print Sale!

Ocean photography fine art prints by Cattie Coyle

Happy World Oceans Day! In celebration of this special day, all ocean prints are on sale this entire weekend (June 8-9 2019): 15% off on all framed and unframed ocean prints, no coupon needed, the discount is automatically applied at checkout. I will also donate a portion of all proceeds to World Oceans Day, an annual worldwide event created by The Ocean Project organization. It has been celebrated every June 8 since 2002, and this year, the theme is plastic pollution prevention.


New Work: Sunstars

Fine art ocean print by Cattie Coyle Photography

This is “Sunstars” - brand new in the Ocean prints collection. Few things fill me with more joy than seeing sunshine glittering on water and this is one of my favorite mood boosting images. ☺

New Work: Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves No 9 - Fine art water print by Cattie Coyle Photography

I just added seven new images to the “Ocean Waves” series, photographed in early spring at Good Harbor beach in Gloucester, MA. The water there has the most amazing colors year round; it can be tropical shades of turquoise in the middle of winter and a dark, steely blue in June. You never know and it changes every day. I especially love this crystal clear sea-glass green, the color just makes me so happy! :-) See all the new ocean waves prints.

New Work: Sandpipers

Sandpipers - Fine art bird photography by Cattie Coyle Photography

These little Sandpipers showed up on our beach on a bleak spring morning, making a quick stop on their way from South America to Canada. Their annual migration is truly amazing - a few years ago, a research team put a tiny geolocator on a Sandpiper in Canada in June, hoping to be able to map its journey over the next year. When the bird returned, they found it, removed the locator and analyzed the results. It showed that after it left Canada the previous August, it flew nonstop for six days to South America!

They only stayed on our beach for a couple of days, but I spent a lot of time with them, trying to capture both their beauty as individuals and the abstract appearance of them as a group.

These new individual portraits are available both as single prints and as a (discounted) print set.

New Work: Magoito

Magoito No 13 - Surfer and seafoam green water aerial view fine art prints by Cattie Coyle Photography sm

I photographed this painterly 16-print series on the Atlantic coast of Portugal on a magical summer day when the ocean was every shade of turquoise, blue, aqua, and green you can imagine, and the colors kept changing with every breaking wave. Most of the prints are fairly abstract, although they are all unaltered photographs. See all the prints in The Magoito series.

New Work: Palm Trees

Palm Tree No 3 - Fine Art Photography by Cattie Coyle

Stately, sculptural, and timeless, symbolic of exotic faraway places, good times,  and holidays spent in the sun, palm trees are one of my favorite subjects. This is another nostalgia-tinged series, this time inspired by my Dad’s travels with the Swedish navy in the 1950s-60s (for more on that story, see this blog post). See all the new prints in the Palm Tree series here.

New Work: Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas is a two-print series captured at that blissful post-beach, pre-party time of day when you’re heading home from the beach, skin warm from the sun, salt in your hair, sand in your shoes, and a bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge… 

New Work: Beach Days Part II

Beach Days - New fine art print series by Cattie Coyle Photography

I just added five new images to the “Beach Days” series, and like the first three prints that I released in the fall, they are heavily influenced by my Grandfather’s photos from his and my Grandmother’s travels in Europe in the 1920s - 1940s.

I wrote a blog post about this series in the fall, so if you are curious about the story behind the images, have a read here!

To celebrate the launch, all prints in the entire Beach Days series (framed and unframed) ship free this weekend! Enter the code BEACHDAYS at checkout until midnight on Sunday, February 3.

I'm on Apartment Therapy!

Sail No 11 and Sail No 13 Black and White abstract art by Cattie Coyle Photography

So excited! Two of my sail prints were part of a house tour on apartment therapy, featuring the super cool home of Katie Mack! 🤩😃Check it out here: House tour on Apartment Therapy

New Surfing Photography

In these three new surfing prints, I wanted to capture the calmer side of the sport. Those beautiful, quiet moments when it’s just you and the humbling vastness of the ocean.  

Giveaway! One Lucky Winner Will Get a $125 Gift Certificate 

Sandpipers fine art photography print by Cattie Coyle

Instagram giveaway! The winner will get a $125 gift certificate that can be used on anything in my store. Head on over to my Instagram feed for the details! The giveaway ends on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

New Work: Morning Meditation & Reflections

Morning Meditation & Reflections by Cattie Coyle Photography

In these two new print series, I wanted to preserve those fleeting moments of stillness that exist at the beginning and end of the day. Silent mornings and peaceful evenings when the sky blends with the ocean, the entire world is quiet, and time seems to be standing still.

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