Surfing No. 3 Acrylic Glass Print

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Acrylic glass print of "Surfing No. 3".

Acrylic prints are perfect when you want a borderless, modern look, or want to hang art in a bathroom, pool house, spa, or other humid area.

• 1/4” or 1/2” thick glass with polished edges
• Shatterproof
• UV resistant
• Gallery quality
• Professionally handmade in the US
• Ready to hang with wall mounts already installed

People sometimes call them “photo prints on glass or acrylic”, but there are a couple of different ways to create them, and my acrylic prints are actually not printed ON the acrylic. My lab uses the fine art, gallery-quality “face mounting” method, where the print is placed behind the acrylic and backed with DiBond (a rigid plastic core surrounded by two thin sheets of aluminum), and safely sealed in place. So when you look at the image, you look through the acrylic, and because of how light travels within it, you get a much more vibrant image with depth and colors that really pop. In the right light, it almost has a 3D look. Plus this method also gives you superior results in terms of color accuracy and permanence (no color fading).

The 1/4” thick acrylic glass is available on all print sizes, and the 1/2” acrylic is an option on prints up to 30x40 inches.

1/4“ acrylic glass prints up to 24x36 inches have a wood & wire hanging system. 1/2“ acrylic prints (all sizes), and 1/4“ acrylic glass prints larger than 24x36 inches have a French cleat hanging system. Both systems floats your print ¾” from the wall and come with hanging instructions and hardware included.

Acrylic prints are currently only available in the contiguous US. They are professionally printed, carefully wrapped and boxed, and normally delivered to you within 15-20 business days of your order.If you are located in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, and would like to order an acrylic glass print, please contact me for a shipping quote.

➤ A framed or unframed fine art print
➤ A metal print
➤ A triptych (3 piece art print set)
An acrylic glass triptych

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Omg the prints arrived and we framed them! They are even better in person!!!!!!! I think my blood pressure went down just by looking at them. I really love your work and would love to fill my home with your prints!!!

Encinitas, CA

It was a big purchase for me as I have never bought someone else's photograph before. I usually take my own. As a matter of fact, I just won the county art show with one of my photographs! So you are special to me because yours is the first photograph that I have hung on my wall that isn't mine. And I am thrilled with my purchase!

St. Petersburg, FL

Cattie was so helpful and kind and the print that I got was absolutely gorgeous! I ordered a 40x60 print with a frame and it all arrived perfectly! I couldn’t be happier with the experience!

Nashville, TN

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